The Sting Recognizes: Coach Boenisch


Daytona Gravlin

Photo of Keith Boenisch posing.

Aquatics, cross country and track teacher Keith Boenisch shows how he genuinely loves his job even from a far distance. He isn’t afraid of letting students know he doesn’t have an answer to their tricky questions. Teaching students fascinating facts about pollution, the water cycle, and ecology to survive trivia to show whether you’d survive or not, Mr. Boenisch is one of many few teachers I could count on.

Every week, before a student could step into the classroom, Mr. Boenisch would give a gentle reminder of the assignments they owe and correct their grade in a blink of an eye. Mr. Boenisch would have your assignments, tests and weekly five questions and answers on current events graded by the end of the period. I appreciate his effort in reminding every student he has to submit their work to him. It fascinates me that a teacher could juggle remembering every single student’s assignments, grading instantly and coaching for cross country and track. Not to mention the extra credit assignments Mr. Boenisch would hand out to everyone, whether they were passing or not.

I admire his spirit of keeping his room welcoming. He rarely has a day off aside from track season and never loses his kind personality. The Aquatics teacher keeps his classroom entertaining throughout the year and keeps his promises. Keeping his classes lively, Mr. Boenisch would often play educational films for students. Most of which kept everyone on their toes, catching a quick glimpse around the room, and everyone is paying attention to every frame. We were even able to have a week dedicated to dissecting sharks.

It’s never a dull moment in his classroom. Mr. Boenisch is a fun and outgoing teacher who genuinely cares for each and every student to pass every semester. There’s a big expectation of knowing every known fact around Earth and especially ocean life, and Mr. Boenisch never hesitates to answer every question to his best capability.