The Sting Recognizes: Mrs. Fuller


Photo by Luke Petersen

Mrs. Fuller standing outside of her classroom in the A-Hall.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a chance for students to recognize their teachers and acknowledge how much hard work and dedication goes into each class and lesson. This Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to thank Mrs. Fuller, who has made a lasting impact on me and my high school experience.

When I first arrived at Azle High School as a freshman, I had the amazing opportunity of having Mrs. Fuller as my English teacher. I have always said that English was my favorite subject, and she only further encouraged my passion for reading and writing.

Now, as a senior, I yet again had the chance to have Mrs. Fuller as my teacher for OnRamps Rhetoric. With her continuing guidance and support, my writing skills have improved tremendously, but Mrs. Fuller is more than a teacher. She is a safe space and a bright light in the lives of many students, making us all feel welcome and important.

Mrs. Fuller goes above and beyond every day. She works tirelessly both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure that every essay and assignment is graded and given helpful feedback. Then, she still finds the time to meet with all of her students and check in on them, showing how much genuine love and care she has for her job.

Mrs. Fuller’s constant encouragement and effort makes students like me believe that they can succeed and go on to do great things, even after they graduate. She has made me a stronger student and has given me a true appreciation for teachers and all that they do. I am sure that I will remember her and what she has taught me far into the future.

This Teacher Appreciation Week, make sure to thank your teachers and show them your gratitude. This is your chance to make it known to your teachers how much you appreciate them and all that they have done for you.