The Sting Recognizes: Mr. Strange


Mr. Strange teaching the Front Ensemble of the 2022 Santa Clara Vanguard.

Michael Strange is really an amazing teacher. From both band directing and teaching standpoints, Mr. Strange is genuinely an exemplary icon for students to look up to. He has great communication skills with both students and parents which may seem small but is such a gift as it builds a genuine trust between him and students.

He can relate to students and understand their humor better than a lot of teachers because he understands modern media and social trends don’t confuse him. He is a young and promising teacher who connects to his students and staff with a lot more conviction and comradery.

Mr. Strange doesn’t use his teacher-powers to state that he is superior to his students. Instead, he earns the respect and attention of his students to where they follow and learn from him. He is his students’ equal but he asserts himself as the hero and leader his students look up to for guidance in both life and musicianship.