The Sting Recognizes: Mrs. Bevan


Photo by Hannah Goodrich

Rachel Bevan teaches a variety of subjects, including algebra ll, pre-calculus and OnRamps algebra. This year I am in her OnRamps algebra class and I have enjoyed every moment of it. From the beginning of school to now, she has always made her classroom fun and stress-free. When I walk into the classroom I feel a sense of relief, because I know even if the subject we are learning that day is difficult, Mrs. Beavan will make it easy to understand and less stressful.

Mrs. Bevan makes her class more enjoyable by always being upbeat and happy when lecturing. I especially enjoy when she takes a moment in between slides, during her lectures, to talk to her students about life and about her life before going back to lecturing, it makes the class overall more comfortable and less frantic.

Mrs. Bevan has made this year less stressful and more fun for me and many other students. I am extremely grateful for Mrs. Bevan and everything she does.