The Sting Recognizes: Mr. Rider

Teacher Appreciation week is an opportunity to recognize teachers that go above and beyond for their students as well as spotlight some of our teachers that have exceeded the expectations of their job titles. This week, I would like to recognize one of my teachers who stands out among teachers and medical professionals in my life, Mr. Rider.

Mr. Rider teaches CTE courses such as Medical Terminology, Principles of Health Science and is a leader of the HOSA program here at Azle High School. Mr. Rider also has his fair share of medical experience outside of the classroom. He is a licensed physical therapist and has spent many years working in hospitals. He has been able to bring his experiences in the field to the classroom.

One thing Mr. Rider has always made clear about his job as a healthcare professional and teacher is his love for helping people. He acknowledges that the classroom is the place for him because he is taking part in the upbringing of the next generation of healthcare workers. He does not take this position lightly, nor does he sit at a desk and give paper assignments every day. Mr. Rider stands up and teaches his class as a medical sermon every single day no matter how long his day has been. (Perhaps the reason you’ll always find him with a cup of coffee.)

Outside of being an impeccable teacher and healthcare worker, Mr. Rider’s character is nothing short of admirable. He has traveled to many countries and shares his experiences with other cultures and lives outside of Texas, although keeps his humility in his stories. Mr. Rider will be chaperoning the trip to Italy and Switzerland this summer to see healthcare across the world with EF Tours.

Mr. Rider is the type of teacher to take education beyond a whiteboard. He goes the extra mile for his students, and is always willing to give some advice and direction. Most of all, he cares.
Thank you, Mr. Rider!