Having Fun in the Sun


Merry Jayne Moorman

Junior Daytona Gravlin and Senior Maddie Bryant riding bikes in Florida

Summertime is a blissful two-and-a-half month break that gives students the chance to not worry about school and be able to do things that they have been waiting all school year to do. Most people travel, hang out with friends and go to fun camps.

Sophomore Lynnleigh William’s favorite thing about summer is going on vacation to see her friends and family. She is traveling this summer as well as going to summer camps.

“I am most excited about going to Florida,” Williams said. “I get to hang out with my mom’s side of the family and go to the beach whenever I want, so it’s a win-win.”

Most seniors are excited to start their new life in college. Senior Daisy Collazo is going to be working all summer long. She is going to TCC and will be living at home, but is saving up for an apartment.

“I get to be a camp counselor at the Girl Scout Camp in Pelican Bay,” Collazo said. “I’ll be working 8:30 to 4 every day trying to save up for the important stuff.”

Sadly, the foreign exchange students must leave this summer. They do get to spend some of the summer here until June 30 before they go back to their home countries. Junior Claudia Gomez, from Spain, is most excited to see her back-home friends as well as to travel as much as she can.

“I have some long-distance friendships and I am gonna be able to see them by myself,” Gomez said. “In Spain, I hang out with my friends as much as I can, to the beach, bonfires, bowling, movies or even going to watch the sunset.”

There is so much to do during summer. Whether you are going out and having fun, staying at home, or working a summer job there is an endless amount of things you can do to occupy yourself over the summer break.