The Sting Recognizes: Mrs. Milosh


Hanna Goodrich

Mrs. Milosh teaches AVID seniors, AP English IV, Reading, and she is the AVID cooridnator.

Some might know Mrs. Milosh as the AP literature teacher or AVID coordinator. She also is the sponsor for UIL ready writing and gives up several Saturdays a semester to go to UIL meets. She goes above and beyond as teacher while juggling UIL and her classes. Mrs. Milosh also teaches the dyslexia reading classes as well as has a few Avid classes.

Mrs. Milosh is caring and understanding when students struggle with the subject that is being taught. She makes sure the students are focused and understanding the material. She goes out of her way to speak to the students about where they are in the class and how they are holding up.

While I have never really enjoyed English class, she makes the class enjoyable. She comes up with fun and different ways to approach topics in AP Lit. I am so thankful that I have been able to have Mrs. Milosh as a teacher as she is truly hard-working and dedicated to her job.