Preparing for Pre-Med

Besides Taking the Classes, What Students Can do to Prepare for College


Photo by Emporess Whitfield

A lecture hall is seen at Texas Woman’s University.

As the graduation date for seniors draws near, it is perfect timing to begin considering what you need to do to prepare for your college major and the classes to come. As an upcoming pre-med student attending Texas Woman’s University, I have researched and determined the most efficient ways for any future pre-med student to be ready to continue their education, but this process could easily translate to any college major.

The first step in preparing for pre-med is looking into what you can do the summer before your freshman year to get ahead. This may include applying for medical volunteer opportunities at a local hospital, doctor’s office, etc. Volunteering can give you an insider’s perspective on the medical field, allow you to learn leadership skills, gain experience and more.

Aside from volunteer work, it is important to use the resources you have gained in high school. Personally, I have been taking CTE classes since my junior year, such as Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology and Health Science Clinicals. These classes have given me a head start on the knowledge I will need for college and have also provided me with certifications I can use this summer.

For example, I can use my CNA (certified nursing assistant) certification that I earned this year to apply for a job using the resources that high school has given me. With a CNA job, I will already be in a healthcare facility working with other medical professionals before I have even started college. This is a major stepping stone to my future as a pre-med student and member of the medical field, as well as a great addition to my resume.

This is not the only certification that can be achieved through CTE classes though, as I am also working towards becoming a phlebotomist and EKG technician. All of these certifications are incredible opportunities that can set anyone with an interest in healthcare up for success.

Upcoming pre-med students may also consider attending a summer program or workshop, shadowing a physician in their area, etc. Any medical exposure you can receive before your first day of college classes is a crucial way to prepare yourself for what is to come.

The path to becoming part of the medical field is a long but beneficial journey that begins with gaining experience. Whether it be volunteering at a local hospital or applying for a job in the healthcare field, it is important to use your resources and find ways to prepare for pre-med.