Student Opinions: Semester Exam Exemptions


Lyla Lucia

What it feels like to be exempt from your exams.

With the 2022-2023 school year coming to an end, students are preparing to take their semester exams. Many have the option to be exempt from these exams, having at least an 80 in any class with room for one absence, or a 90 with room for two absences.

Although students are now able to be exempt from an exam in any class [as long as the guidelines are followed], students still have varying opinions on whether or not the guidelines for these exemptions are fair, as well as how long they should wait to know if they can be exempt.

Junior Lin Mckinney is one of many students who feels that these rules can be unfair.

“A lot of students can’t help their attendance,” Mckinney said. “I understand some parts, but if it’s for medical purposes, the school still counts them against you.”

Another student, Junior Kade Dowell, is worried about what exams he can be exempt from.

“All I wish is that my teachers would let me know in advance,” Dowell said. “I still don’t know what I’m exempt from yet, and it’s less than a week away from exams.”

While many feel that these rules could be better, sophomore Mckenna Devoto focuses on what she likes about them.

“I think [the rules] show that the students that have higher grades understand what they’re doing,” she said.

A student who feels similarly, freshman Ace Burks, is happy to be given some freedom with exemptions.

“For the most part, I’d say the rules are pretty fair,” Burks said. “[Exemptions] can get you out of testing and give you some time to do other things.”

Although lots of students only lean one way, sophomore Addison Mistic sees both the good and bad sides of the exemption rules.

“It’s good that you can be exempt from all classes,” Mistic said. “I think the grades should stay how they are, just not the absences.”