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    It’s OK to not be OK

    A Personal Essay About Mental Health
    Sophia Gerbers
    Principal Nate Driver comforts Junior Lyla Castro

    Mental health disorders are something no one should have to encounter alone. The battle of mental health is not for the weak-willed. Having bad mental health and not knowing how to handle it can affect your performance in everyday life.

    Anyone around us could be struggling and we may not ever know it. Mental illness isn’t just something we say we have, it’s a physical illness within the brain. There are many mental illnesses that can be broadly categorized as anxiety and mood-related disorders.

    Research shows there are quite a few complex causes, such as, genetics, traumatic experiences, brain chemistry/structure, also battling a health condition. For example, I deal with high-functioning anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

    Although Mental Health Awareness month isn’t until May, rather than just dedicating a month to mental health awareness, throughout the year there are other things we can do in our day-to-day lives. Educating ourselves about mental health, advocating for others around us, making sure people in our community feel as if they are no different than the person to their left or right and making sure to and respect others regardless of their mental state.

    Sometimes it’s OK to just take a minute to step out of whatever we’re doing and breathe. I always take time for myself, even when it seems like there is no time. Personally, I like going for a walk. Working and going to school can be too much at times, our brains need breaks so make sure you choose yourself first above everything else.

    We all live different lives, with different things going on each day. Prioritizing our physical and mental health should always be on top of everything. If you’re hurting, take time to talk to someone you trust.

    There are such things as bad days and sometimes it’s nice to just let it out. It’s OK to cry it out or talk it out with someone. I always talk with my mom and if I feel uncomfortable talking about it with her, I talk to a close friend I know I can trust.

    If you are contemplating hurting yourself, please call or text the National Suicide Hotline at 988. Know that you’re never alone. If you feel you have no one, I am here. You are loved even if you think you aren’t.

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