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Students ‘Vend’ Their Opinions

The pros and Cons of High School Vending Machines
Brooklyn Critchley Gray
The vending machine located near SL hall that offers students diet soda options.

The majority of high schools have vending machines that serve a variety of drinks and snacks. However, there are laws that place restrictions on these vending machines which define what can be served based on their nutrition and wellness, when they can be available, and more. Based on these laws, the School Board decides what should be available to students and what restrictions should apply to the vending machines. In response, some students agree with the restrictions and what is available to them while others feel there could be a more diverse selection of drinks and snacks and some restrictions should be changed.

When asked about the drinks and snacks available, senior Mace Alonso said some of the vending machine snacks were pointless, so, switching to less messy snacks would be easier for the students and the school.

“For snacks, I definitely feel like we have to forego the ice cream machines because it’s a school, let’s be realistic,” Mace said. “ Teachers don’t want food that’s sticky in their classes so I feel like if we’re gonna have snacks it should be something more portable.”

Mace further explained that it can be difficult for the school to give students snacks they like because of rules and regulations that prohibit certain foods.

“I feel like when it comes to snacks it’s a tricky slope because, obviously, the school doesn’t want too sugary of treats,” Mace said.

Tennis player and Senior Emma Kabetzke said the drink options available to students were decent and healthy but could still be improved.

“All the drinks I like are either the diet sodas or the Snapples,” Emma said. “I think if they had regular sodas and Gatorades available that would be pretty good.”.

Not only are the drink and snack options not so popular among the students but there are also only specific times during the school day when students can access these vending machines. Senior Lin McKinney said that the school vending machines should always be available to students, especially because some students lack access to drinks and food.

“School is tough as it is,” Lin said. “I think the vending machines should be available full-time because throughout the day students get thirsty and hungry and some students don’t have access to any beverages or food. So, they should be able to get those drinks and snacks that they need.”

By contrast, FCCLA Vice President and Senior Skye Dickens said she believes the vending machines shouldn’t be available to students full-time because students might take advantage of the convenience.

“In theory yes, it would be good, but if you think about it, that might cause students to like pile up or make excuses to leave class and buy snacks instead,” Skye said.

Additionally, the vending machines have gone up in price and according to some students are placed in awkward spots around the school.

Mace said although the snack and drink options aren’t what students would prefer, the school still puts effort into their relationship with students by offering healthier alternatives to students.

“I understand what the school’s trying to do though, they’re trying to offer students something they enjoy without pushing unhealthy food and drinks onto them,” Mace said.

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Brooklyn Critchley Gray
Brooklyn Critchley Gray, Photography Editor
I'm a Senior and Staff member of the Sting Newspaper at Azle High School. I'm involved in FCCLA and help with lots of activities we have throughout the year. I enjoy reading, especially murder mystery and romance. I particularly enjoy the Natural Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Claire. My favorite show is The Walking Dead, my favorite actor is Johnny Depp, and my favorite color is Black. I have two adorable cats named Boots and Tofu, I'm a Swiftie, and my favorite holiday is Christmas!  

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