Avengers Infinity War: Wait, what just happened?

Carmen Franco, contributor

The new Marvel movie, Avengers Infinity War, is the movie to watch. Everybody is so excited to see what will happen. The movie picks up right after the movie Thor Ragnarok where Thor saved Asgard from extinction.

In this movie, Thanos is trying to get his hands on all six infinity stones and is willing to kill whoever it takes to get all of the stones. After having all the stones he will be the most powerful being of the entire universe and can destroy half of the universe with a snap of his fingers.

The Avengers have taken a break and are not on speaking terms and some are in hiding. This will be the reason for them to come back together and fight against Thanos. All the Avengers come together and are trying to save the universe from being destroyed.

“Oh my gosh! What just happened!?” Yelled someone from the crowd. The end of this movie will surprise you and annoy you. The end is unsolved and we will all have to wait to see what will happen next.