Wild for Playoffs


Varsity baseball has made it to the playoffs after all their hard work. They’ve only lost three games this season.

At first, the team wanted to cut their hair into mohawks. Mr. Cobb denied the request because it was out of school dress code.

In the middle of the season they all decided that if they made it to playoffs they would dye the tips of their hair blonde instead of getting mohawks.

Because of all the hype, they actually followed through with the plans. Let’s find out why.

“We decided to dye our hair because it shows that we’re willing to do anything as a team,” Senior Ryan Lehr said.

Some of the players were unsure about dyeing the tips of their hair blonde.

“I was very skeptical because I had never done anything to my hair, but I did it with my team so it made it a lot easier,” Senior Austin Hubbard said.

Although the team could not get mohawks they all still shaved the sides of their heads.

“We wanted to do something as a team to show we made playoffs,” Junior Zach Westbrook said.

Students at the school thought that the baseball team was wild for doing this.

“If that’s how they want to represent their team spirit, then it’s good they are going for it,” Junior Brianna Burros said.