Imagination Put on Paper


Hannah Gibson, Contributor

It’s an escape, a story told from an image and it’s peaceful all at once. Drawing expresses emotion and freedom. It’s a place people go when words aren’t enough and a place to release your imagination.

I have been drawing since before I could even talk.

“Your teacher gave the class an assignment; she put an image on the projector for 30 seconds and then removed it, she told you all to draw that same image from memory,” My mom tells this story. “She actually called me to tell me your drawing was by far the closest to the original image. You were in second grade.”

I would say I am a self-taught drawer, but Freshman year, I took Art 1 at Flowermound High School. Although I enjoy drawing, I’m not a fan of being told to draw a specific way and specific things. Usually, I draw people or faces and do fairly good at that, but if I’m told to draw an object like a flower, I can’t.

Shading is the part I love to do most. I like giving a drawing depth and dimension. A couple years ago, I couldn’t shade at all but constantly trying at it paid off.

Considering my drawing hobby, I got into Architecture and also took the class freshman year. I enjoyed drawing and planning out the layouts of housing but wasn’t a fan of all the computer work that goes along with it. Since art comes easy for me, I decided to go ahead and get my college art credits. I finished college Art and college Humanities with high scores as a junior.

For now, I plan to keep drawing as a hobby but would love to one day do it as a side job. Art has always been a part of me. I’ve grown up with it, it’s a natural thing to do. Many don’t realize it, but if you look with your imagination and not your eyes, art is everywhere you go.