Homecoming 2018

Maricella Sandoval, Editor

A meeting over next school year’s 2018 homecoming occurred May 11 in Algebra teacher and Student Council representative Chad Cooke’s room to discuss decisions that need to be made. Some of the decision making included a theme, who would be on the homecoming court and how to go about voting.

Students that attended this meeting were still indecisive, which resulted in a second meeting. The second meeting occurred May 18 to finalize all decisions.

“I think last homecoming meeting went really really well,” Cooke said. “ I was really excited.”

One big decision that students were indecisive about was the theme. Selma Dervisevic tweeted a poll and let the student body choose their next homecoming theme. The final vote was 74% vacations and 26% board games.

Many changes are being made. With this comes certain steps that will have to be taken to accomplish these changes in order for them to be successful.

“The first meeting consists of brainstorming and the second meeting we come back together and, they, as a group vote for the changes,” Cooke said. “We then bring the ideas to the student council. If they’re for the changes we go ahead and bring it to Mr. Cobb and administration and wait for final answers.”

This coming year’s homecoming will be significantly different from last year and the years before that.

“We’re hoping to have, what will be called, a miracle court which will be the king and queen nominees that will be raising money for some local charity, group or organization,” Cooke said. “They will be crowned at the pep rally. It has not technically been approved, it’s just an idea.”

A definite change being made is the way people vote for who is on homecoming court.

“Any group that participates in homecoming decorations will nominate two members, a boy and girl,” Cooke said. “And then from that, teachers will vote and from the top four male and female will be selected through popularity from the student body.”

In the past, the school only had the popularity vote for homecoming nominees and the final homecoming court, which some students and teachers felt was unfair.

“I like the idea of the new voting order way more than the last voting order, because all of us nobodies could have a chance to be voted in,” Freshman Emilee Barbour said.

All StuCo wants is a positive outcome for each of the changes and to make it more memorable than previous years.