Let’s Talk Rock


Lillian Smithey, contributor

Music. What does it mean to you? To many people, it means many things, but with the rock genre, many people dislike it. People believe rock music has a bad meaning to it. People believe they only want destruction and chaos. But that is not entirely true.

Rock has a rawness to the music that can open up a door to knowing who the artist is and how they feel and it can open your eyes in ways you’ve never seen things before.

The rock genre is all about making sure that you know you’re not alone in what you’re going through. They want it to be a way to meet new people that have similar problems and talk about it without caring what others think. You would be surprised by how many people have been saved by this genre.

For instance, My Chemical Romance is a band that is really discriminated against because of their look. But one of their songs, “The World Is Ugly,” is one of the many songs that have a deeper meaning. If you read the lyrics and just listen to what the artist has to say you may see things in a different way.

Some of this song says “The world is ugly, But you’re beautiful to me. Are you thinking of me? Like I’m thinking of you? I would say I’m sorry, though. Though I really need to go I just wanted you to know That the world is ugly, But you’re beautiful to me. Are you thinking of me? Stop your crying, helpless feeling Dry your eyes and start believing.”

“The song is saying that society is a messed up place, and it’s rude and judgemental and just ugly in general,” Lead singer Gerard Way said. “Despite the fact that the world is ugly, I still believe that ‘you’ are beautiful to me. ‘you’ being the fans. This whole song was made for fans. People go through times in their life and sometimes you feel alone. And the worst feeling in the world is being alone. I wish I could meet everybody and talk to them and help them with their problems but since I’m categorized as famous I can’t get to everyone personally, so I decided to put my emotions in this song especially for everybody. People go through harsh times and feel they aren’t needed and self-harm, I want this to end. It would be amazing if self-violence could end altogether because of a 3-minute song but I know that isn’t going to happen. So I just wanna help a little with the situation.” 

Many people say that rock music rots the brain and make you a worse person. They say it’s a bad influence. But the majority of songs in this particular genre have many lyrics just like the ones that have been stated earlier. So since the songs have good intentions, positive lyrics toward the listeners, maybe it isn’t that bad.