So Many Students, So Little Classrooms

Natali Coronado, Staff Writer, Social Media

For the first time in history, Azle High School has reached an all time high for it’s student population with 1840 students enrolled as of August 15, 2018. Compared to other schools this may not be much, but for Azle this is record breaking.

Azle high school does not have enough room for this many students therefore they should install new classrooms. Azle’s population is constantly growing and the student body will only grow larger as the years pass.

At least 15 teachers at the school do not have a set classroom to teach their students. The teachers move around from room to room and often get to their classes after most of their students. People need to see this as a problem. Now, we have teachers along with students racing to get to class and the halls are crowded enough as it is.

The Azle school board needs to take into account Azle’s growing population when planning for the next couple years. Although they have somewhat control over the situation right now, the school has grown consistently for the past several years. Unless they install some new classrooms or expand the campus altogether, there will be even more teachers without classrooms.

Not only does the increasing population bother the teachers, but the students as well. The hallways are crowded, the classes are full, and so are the lunches. The lunches are divided into three (A,B,and C) lunches amongst all students, teachers, and administration. With the student body alone there’s around 614 students in each lunch making the cafeteria extremely crowded. In a result to this the administration decided to put an extra table outside the cafeteria offered to upperclassmen but, that space quickly got occupied leaving students to eat in classrooms and the library (that sometimes closes its doors to students due to classes being there). Not to mention that lunches are only 25 minutes and it makes impossible for students to wait in a line and still be able to sit down and eat their food.

While the school board has the money to make the installations, they should. In the past year, Azle Independent School District (AISD) has built a brand new two story wing of Silver Creek Elementary and an elementary school, but the high school is most likely to hit 2,000 students by next year which calls for a need for more classroom installations.