Drey Comes to Play

Taylor Pflug, Feature and Entertainment Editor, Staff Writer

Junior Drey Owen is Azle High School’s newest quarterback for the fall season of the 2018-19 school year. Owen joined Azle from Flowermound High School and while he was torn up about leaving, he found some new people that he clicks with.


“Right now, I’m still new to Azle so it’s treating me very well,” Owen said. “A lot of the people here are really nice and I’m starting to get along with everyone.”


Compared to Owen’s old school Azle is much smaller than what he’s used to. “I had 900 people graduating every year, so it’s a big difference in the class sizes,” Owen stated.


Azle is known for the pride in the school, throughout the hallways, the hype on football game days, and that was what was most surprising to Owen when moving to Azle.


“Besides the fact that there are a lot of crickets and cockroaches on the ground, Azle is a good school,” Owen said.