Student Council

Raquel Juarez, Staff Writer

Student Council is a volunteer group of students who help the school and the community. The students who are involved are expected to be responsible and be leaders of what student council represents. StuCo is the voice of the student body, hearing out students’ ideas for the school as well as the community, and contributing school spirit.

Chad Cooke is an algebra teacher and the sponsor of Student Council. He supervises the students and works countless hours dedicating his time. He gives students amazing opportunities to express themselves and give a confidence booster.

“I uphold my staff with high standards to represent Azle High School,” Mr. Cooke said.

Becoming a member has a lot of exciting opportunities that come with it, not only do you get to help with the school, you get to go on adventurous trips. There’s class projects, blood drives, lock-ins, and pep rallies.

“Being in StuCo you get to go on trips and I have gotten to meet people around the USA,” Sophomore Bailee Johnson said.

This year is an exciting new year with all new plans for the students and the staff. All the students in student council including Mr. Cooke are excited to show what they have in store for you. Everyone who sees their creation will be blown away.

“I am really happy for our student council this year and we have such an amazing team, it’s going to be a great year,” Sophomore Gaelyn Gibson said.