Throw Throw Burrito


Logan Creech

This photo shows all the game pieces a part of the card game.

This hilarious dodgeball card game created by Exploding Kittens uses out-of-the-box thinking and is definitely a fun way to spend quarantine with your family. In this fast-paced game, players rapidly pass cards around in a circle, looking for matches. And the most important game pieces would be the burritos. These squishy burritos are to be thrown at your opponent in hopes of hitting them and then obtaining squishy dominance.
The goal of the game is to win two rounds by earning the most points. Similar to the card game Spoons, in order to earn points, you must collect 3-of-a-kind sets as fast as you can as cards are being passed around the table. Some of these cards consist of Barky Sharky, Barky Sharky, and my personal favorite, Goth Sloth.
Now, this is where the conflict comes into play. There are battle cards which are Brawl, Duel, and War. When you have match 3 Brawl Cards, the players to your right and left are immediately in a Brawl. Both of them must grab a burrito as fast as they can and then proceed to pelt the burrito at their opponent. Whoever is hit first loses the Brawl. There are also Duel cards, once matched the player can choose their opponent and then begin the duel. At last, there are the War cards. These cards start an all-out burrito war. Any player can reach for a burrito and throw it at anyone. The first one hit loses the war.
After a player is hit by the squishy burrito, they must take a Burrito Bruise and put it in their Score pile. Each Burrito Bruise is worth -1 point. After all Burrito Bruises are given out the round is over. The person with the most amount of points wins the round and receives the Fear Me Badge with a proud muscular burrito on it. To win the game you must the Fear Me Badge twice. If there happens to be a tie in points you can solve it with a duel.
In my experience with this game, my family and I had a blast. Constant laughing and yelling ¨Burrito!¨ My brothers running and chasing each other throughout the entire house dodging each other’s burritos. At one point the burritos collided and everyone was in awe and yelled ¨The burritos collided!¨ Playing this game will never put you through a dull moment.