Puzzles and hobbies

I drink out of this water bottle when I workout to stay hydrated!

By: Tori Patton

I drink out of this water bottle when I workout to stay hydrated!

Do you remember when it was summer vacation when we were in Elementary school? The feeling of being bored out of our minds and just going outside or something. Your parents telling you to be back before the street lights turn on. When you get back inside after your long day of being outside, you find yourself drinking a glass of water while you’re breathing heavy.

Looking back at our childhood we used to have hobbies that we really don’t pursue any more. In this time of Social distancing and quarantine it kind of feels like when we were little kids without phones. Here a few ways we have gotten back to our old hobbies or even started to enjoy some new ones.
Working out can be a hobby?

I actually have started to exercise daily which is super crazy to think for me. I never would have thought that I, Tori Patton would start working out for fun but here I am. I just thought “hey, if I can’t go out and see people, I might as well get that summer body I’ve always wanted. I ended up running four miles a few days ago and I never thought I could do that without stopping but I did it!

Ethan’s puzzle skills

Have you gotten a gift that you never thought you’d use or even want? Or just a challenge loomed in front you’d never have the time or boredom required to do use it. I, Ethan Marquart, used my brain for once and took the time out of a week with time to spare and did a 3D puzzle my sister gave me two years ago. My family has never been close and is usually too busy for each other but now with the extra time stuck together, we have started walking around the block almost daily together and bonded. Now with this, the quarantine may seem boring but it can also be seen as a good thing now we can do these small almost trivial things that can mean so much to us.

Whether you developed a new hobby over our “Corona-cation” or maybe haven’t found anything that interests you. Try to find something to do that makes you happy or challenges you so that you don’t completely go insane from being in quarantine.