Staying Connected

Staying at home in isolation can get pretty lonely sometimes because it feels like we are all far away from the outside world and real people. It’s really easy to fall into a sad state of mind when you aren’t seeing the people you love every day. Here are a few ways to remain connected in our time of Corona quarantine.
Google Meet and Zoom

There are a few apps you can download that are completely free from both the Apple Store and Google Play. These apps allow groups of people to video chat and also just text in the group chat boxes. Make a group chat with a group of friends and someone starts a meeting. Send out the code and have at it with a group video chat.
Getting out of your room every once in a while

Since we are in quarantine we have all been at home with our family or our close friends. We all tend to stay in our room and binge another season of Grey’s Anatomy. Get out of your room and go hang out with your mom or your dad because they are starting to feel really bored too. Talk to your siblings and get out a board game, have some fun. Get closer to your family during our isolation period even if they get on your nerves sometimes.

It’s really easy to fall under the same routine during this time period. Just try to stay connected through a bunch of different social media apps and Facetime because that’s all we can do right now. Change things up every once in a while and go outside and be productive with school work, it will all help you keep your sanity in the long run.