Lack of Structure and Environment During Quarantine


Courtesy of @azlehighschoolmemes on Instagram

Since the start of quarantine, the attitude and behavior of students has been all over the place. Some of us have taken this time to be productive and perhaps pick up new skills or hobbies, others have taken this time to process and relax. I can’t speak for everyone, but as somebody who has been very productive at times but has also put off pretty much all school work until this week, I can say that the lack of structure and school environment has 100% affected me.

I’d say it’s obvious that without us physically being in school, teachers watching over our every move, productivity would plummet. Although for me, and almost every other student I’ve spoken to, it’s worse than expected. Just the thought of pulling out my computer makes me sick.
Based on the current events happening around the world, it’s logical for teenagers to be having a difficult time. Everyone is processing things differently right now. Don’t feel bad if you are struggling to check canvas, go through your hundreds of emails from teachers, or even pull out your chromebook. There’s a global pandemic going on, it’s a lot for teenagers to be going through.

So now, here’s some tips on how to get motivated for school:

Clean your room. Your room is a reflection of your mind, there’s no way you’re going to be able to focus on schoolwork with clothes all over your floor.

Make a list of work you have to do. Writing down the work you have and actually seeing it on paper will take a surprising amount of stress off your shoulders. Instead of letting the work pile up in your mind, getting them out on a piece of paper will help you realize it’s not as much work as your mind made it out to be.

Reward yourself. Be proud of yourself when accomplishing things. The whole world is freaking out right now, even completing one or two assignments is worth rewarding. After turning in a couple assignments give yourself some ice cream, or play an hour of Animal Crossing, whatever makes you happy.

Overall, don’t get too discouraged. Everyone is handling things differently, just do your best and complete as much as you can. The year is almost over and it’s time to finish strong, or at least finish. Also seniors, don’t forget, we’re so close to being done with highschool forever.