Is Keto Worth It?

These are some Keto meal replacement bars. (Which taste like straight like tea leaves)

By:Tori Patton

These are some Keto meal replacement bars. (Which taste like straight like tea leaves)

The Keto Diet is a diet where you eat very low sugar and very low-carb foods. You always want to eat things high in protein so it fills you up even though you’re eating some kind of small amount. Here’s how my experience has been going so far.

I started Keto about two weeks ago now and I have already lost about two pounds. My cousins and I hopped on this journey because we had heard it gives great results. WE decided to buy some snacks from this online website that sells a bunch of Keto-friendly foods. We also just ate a bunch of Keto-friendly foods we already had in the house which included: Bell pepper, eggs, cream cheese, plain Greek yogurt, sausage, etc.

At the beginning I thought it was pretty easy adapting to a new diet but really it started to become a challenge by the second week. I became bored with the low carb, low sugar thing, and almost gave up. I didn’t though because I knew what I could have in the long run. I could be healthier and a little skinnier. (Who doesn’t want that?)

With Keto, I also decided to keep my workout routine in hopes it would help with my goal. Every day, I run a mile or two and follow a few Chloe Ting videos. If you don’t know who Chloe ting is you can look her up on YouTube and she is a fitness influencer. I actually just finished her two weeks ab shred but I didn’t see any results because I wasn’t watching what I was eating.

I decided to do the two weeks ab shred again but while I’m on Keto and its been paying off. Though being on Keto isn’t just a diet you follow, it turned out to be harder than it looks. I didn’t realize that going on diet would not only be a way to eat healthier but a lifestyle change.

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