How People Have Changed During Quarantine


Grace Walsh

Kaylee Goodwin posing in inspiration alley with her newly dyed pink hair.

COVID-19 has had people going crazy trying to defeat their boredness. The last global pandemic was over 100 years ago therefore humans in this time do not know how to react to this type of situation. In desperate need of something interesting to do while locked up in their homes, people have cut, dyed or even shaved their heads!

People, including myself, have resulted in making dumb decisions in order to have something fun happen while quarantined.

“One night I was so incredibly bored that my sister and I went to the store to buy pink hair dye… it was not one of my wisest ideas,” senior Kaylee Goodwin said.

Having good friends is always important and an essential part of high school. You don’t know how much happier it makes you when you’re around your friends. Students are so used to seeing their friends everyday that they tend to take advantage of it.

“Quarantine really made me appreciate my friends more because I wasn’t able to see them as often as I was used to,” senior Celsea Colley said.

A lot of people around the world suffer from mental issues such as, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and social awkwardness. Some students really benefited from not being around the social chaos that the world holds while others need that type of chaos to help keep them going.

“I suffer from anxiety and with quarantine it really made my mind settle down and it made me feel a type of relaxation that I usually don’t feel,” senior Abbigail Walsh said.

People tend to take advantage of the real world and how everything used to be, so this change has everyone very shaken up. There are different ways everyone handles situations like this and people are learning to adapt to how life is now and unfortunately, we are going to have to.