Is Julie and the Phantoms Worth Watching?


Poster for the Julie and the phantoms tv series on Netflix.

Netflix’s new series came out September 10, 2020. There are 9 episodes in the series. The band mates are played by Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner and Jeremy Shada. The main character Julie is played by Madison Reyes.

Madison Reyes’ first major acting role is in Julie and the Phantoms, unlike the other cast members that have been in many different acting jobs as well as major films. However, she seems to be a natural and doesn’t stand out in a bad way even though she hasn’t previously acted in such a big role.

The first episode starts in 1995 with a band called Sunset Curve practicing and preparing for a big gig they had booked. The next scene shows the band members going to get something to eat, it suddenly flashes to the present. Julie goes into her garage to look at mother belongings that were left after she died. When the band mates, Alex, Luke and Reggie, from 1995 show up in her garage.

Julie had stopped singing when her mother had died a year before. Later on in the series, the band mates and Julie started a new band called Julie and the Phantoms. This helped Julie start singing and songwriting again. The series shows how music can effect people on different levels.

This show in my opinion was good but a cheesy watch. However, this is coming from The Netflix Original program which isn’t known for its amazing quality. Overall I thought this was an interesting idea for a show, and that idea turned out to be great when filmed.