Top albums of 2020


In the upper left is “slow rush” and in the upper right is “kid crow”. The lower bottom is “after hours” and the lower right is “remote”

As the year concludes, 2020 has given us great music to enjoy. Whether you’re into alternative, any kind of Rock, Pop, R&B there has been an album of the year for every genre. Here’s my top album picks for every genre. Sit back and you might just find a new favorite artist or a new favorite genre to listen to and enjoy.

Indie music has taken a whole new toll in 2020 alone. Whether you like to call it Alternative or Indie music the genre itself is a vibe. For the Alternative/Indie album of the year, I choose the album, “The Slow Rush.” This album is written by the rising artist Tame Impala. This album contains 12 songs that all have a similar vibe to them and the whole album is 57 minutes and 27 seconds long. The album starts off with the song One More Year and it ends with the song One More Hour. This album definitely gives off psychedelic vibes compared to his previous albums. The album gives you the mellow feelings while also giving you the groovy feeling. This album however needs a little patience. You have to listen to the album multiple times to really break into it. Although you have to break into the album to really get into it once you get into it you will really enjoy it.

Indie and Pop are really good music genres to listen to and when you combine and put them together you get something even more amazing. For the Indie/Pop album of 2020 I choose, “Kid Krow,” by Conan Gray. This album is definitely one of the best Indie/Pop albums I have ever listened to. It has the perfect combination of both the Indie and Pop vibes. Every song on this album is expressed with a lot of heart and spirit. The album contains 12 songs and it’s about 33 minutes and 33 seconds long. The album starts off with, “Comfort Crowd” and ends with “The Story”.” This album contains emotional songs but also very upbeat melodic songs. This album had the perfect combination of both the happy and the emotional vibes.

This year alone, received many great R&B albums. The album, “After Hours” by the singer, The Weeknd really caught my attention. Although this album is R&B it can also be considered Dream Pop. This album contains a combination of an 80s type of beat and contains some lo-fi. The album easily switches between a calm beat to a hype beat. The album contains 14 songs and it’s56 minutes and 17 seconds long. The mood sets off with the first song, “Alone Again” and ends with the song, “Until I Bleed Out.” This album is definitely one of the best albums ever written by The Weeknd. Before this album came out I never really liked R&B music much less Dream Pop. This album is an epic cinematic masterpiece. If you have never liked R&B or The Weeknd you will definitely enjoy the genre and you will instantly enjoy The Weeknd’s music. In my opinion, there has never really been an album as great as this one.

The list of the best albums of 2020 would not be complete without, Wallows one of the greatest artists of the year. This year Wallows released their third EP called “Remote.” This album falls under the Indie/Alternative genre. This album contains 6 songs and is 16 minutes and 22 seconds long. All of the songs on this album are very upbeat and very catchy. The music videos also fit very well and overall creative. The album starts off with the song, “Virtual Aerobics,” and ends with the song, “Wish Me Luck.” There are some songs that give you different emotions from happy and joyful to having butterflies in your stomach. This is one of the shorter Indie/Alternative albums of the year. The majority of the songs are less that 3 minutes long and the ending song is more than 3 minutes. Through the albums you build up a feeling through the first five songs and then in the end the feeling is built up and the feeling of the album is something that you never want to stop chasing. This album in my opinion is one of the best albums ever.

These are just a few of the albums that have struck the year 2020. All of these albums are unique and different in their own ways. Whether you enjoyed a few or all the albums on my list you will definitely be vibing to new music!