Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

When the holiday season comes around, joy and spirit fill the air, it is a time that many look forward to. There are many holidays that take place during this time so it is common for many not to be familiar with other celebrations and events that take place.

Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday that celebrates the victory of the Maccabees. This holiday is often referred to as the festival of lights in remembrance of when the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem was rededicated. It takes place over 8 days in which a candle is lit on a menorah and gifts are given each day. Hanukkah takes place on the 25th of Kislev, which translates to December 10th, and ends on December 18th.

Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday that celebrates life and is a non-religious celebration, the holiday itself is fairly new, Dr Maulana Karenga, a professor from California State University, created the holiday in 1966 as a way to bring African-Americans together in a communal celebration. This holiday practices many African traditions in a strive to connect African-Americans living outside of Africa to their culture and heritage. The word Kwanzaa can be translated to mean “first-fruit” to reflect the family bonds and heritages that are remembered and celebrated.

Christmas itself is the most widely celebrated holiday during December, it is a Christian event that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It takes place on December 25th but many seasonal traditions are practiced during the whole month of December. For many, this holiday is exciting due to the excess of related content during this time. Whether that’s the hundreds of hallmark Christmas movies or Mariah Careys “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, this time of year brings an abundance of content for many to enjoy.