New Year Same Bold Fashion Statements


Arianna Pardue

Junior Sophia Tucker rocking her corduroy mom jeans, Dr. Martens, and her vintage band graphic t-shirt.

Although, 2021 has just begun there are still many trends from 2020 that are still popular along with even a few new fashion trends. Here are 3 cool fashion statements from 2020 that you should consider still wearing in 2021.
One fashion trend that has been going on since the 2010’s are mom jeans. Mom jeans were very popular in the 80’s and 90’s and have been popular again for a decade already. Mom jeans are high waisted semi loose ankle length jeans. These jeans are very similar to “boyfriend jeans” they just are not as baggy.

Whether you go thrifting to find your perfect pair of mom jeans or you buy them from the store; mom jeans are sure to spice up any old graphic t-shirt. Tucking in your t-shirt to your mom jeans or wearing simple tops are just a few ways you can style your jeans. These jeans also go well with any type of shoes such as Converse, Air Forces, or boots are a few that will complement those rockin’ mom jeans.
The 90’s is known as the grunge fashion era. Dr. Martens are leather boots that were very popular during this time period. They have recently made a huge comeback early last year. They are highly popular due to the fact that they can look stylish with just about any bottom whether that is your mom jeans or a skirt they will definitely give your look a 90’s vibe. Whether you style them with your favorite band graphic t-shirt or a fancy coat your Doc Martens will be sure to pop out.

These shoes have been popular since the beginning of 2020 and continue to make a fashion statement. Not only does the brand Dr. Martens sell boots. They also sell many other shoes such as the oxford shoes, Mary Jane shoes, and strap sandals that will also give your look a vintage vibe.

Skirts have been around since ancient times. Two types of skirts that have made a comeback are ruffle skirts and denim skirts. Ruffle Skirts were created in the 15th century and have recently made a comeback. They come in many different lengths too. Whether you get your ruffle skirts short or long they are ideal with any type of shoes. They are perfect to wear in the summer with your sandals or when it gets chilly in the fall with your Dr. Martens.

Denim skirts were popularized in the 70’s all the way until the 90’s and they returned to the fashion industry early last year. These however have been really popular among teens as short skirts rather than long. You can pair these denim skirts with blazer and plain t-shirts to add spice to your fit.

These are just a few of the fashion trends that were highly popular in 2020 and are still continuing to make bold fashion statements in 2021. Whether you wear your Dr. Martens with a skirt or mom jeans they will either way definitely give you vintage vibes. These are just a few ways to style many of the new fashion trends that are highly popular among teenagers and young adults.