Student’s Hopeful Resolutions for 2021


Photo courtesy of Polina Kovaleva

A notebook is shown with goals for 2021 written.

As the 2020 year came to a close and the new year began, resolutions for 2021 have been made by many students. These resolutions have fallen into several different categories, one of which being performance in sports and a changed point of view.

“My New Year’s resolution is to enter any area with a positive attitude and to try my hardest in wrestling every day.“ sophomore Kaitlynn Lane said.

Another resolution topic for 2021 is attempting to reduce stress. This may have become a goal for this year due to the anxiety and worries that were brought upon by 2020.

“My resolution for this year was to decrease stress when I can.” junior Daniel Padilla said.

While some individuals believe that having resolutions is unnecessary and that they are unattainable, others have agreed that creating objectives for yourself at the beginning of each year is a great idea.

“I feel having a New Year’s resolution is essential because it gives you goals to achieve throughout the year. “ sophomore Paytyn Craig said.

Though making goals on New Year’s every year does bring up the question of, “Why should we wait until this time to start making plans and begin working on improvement?”

“I think having New Year’s Resolutions is helpful, but you shouldn’t wait for the new year to attempt to better yourself.” Padilla said.

Most students do believe that they will be able to achieve their desired result for this year, and that it will be worthwhile.

“I do think that I’ll be able to accomplish my resolutions this year because they’re not unrealistic and they’re something that is not only beneficial for the environment around me, but they’ll help me grow as a person and gain a career in my favorite sport.” Lane said.

Overall, New Year’s resolutions are a great way to set a positive precedent for the year ahead. They can not only benefit you currently and in the future, but they can also give you things to do throughout the year.

“I do think that I’ll be able to accomplish my resolution with hard work and dedication.” Craig said.