Healthy Food Tastes Good?


Photo By: Tori Patton

Some cool ol’ cheap foods that are healthy and filling.

If you were like me growing up, I always thought eating healthy meant eating things that were not appetizing. Like eating broccoli 24/7 or eating bland unseasoned chicken. Recently, I have discovered that was a myth all along. (I know shocker, for all of my healthy-lifestyle-eaters) Here are a few recipes that I have learned and picked up during my weight loss journey thus far and that didn’t want to make me throw up.
Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats (352 cal & 21.5g protein)
If you think of yourself as not the type to like things with weird texture then it’s best you skip this recipe. I recently tried overnight oats because I heard they were good and that they are a good way to start gradually getting into meal-prep. So I made and tried them so you didn’t have to. Though the texture was weird, it was oddly tasty. It tastes like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast with no guilt. Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl with a lid then shove that sucker in the fridge right before you go to bed. Then wake up and enjoy!
½ cup of oats
½ cup plain pumpkin puree
1 tbsp flax or chia seeds
1 scoop of your favorite protein powder
2 tbsp plain greek yogurt
½ cup of almond milk
Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Ground ginger, Cloves to your liking
2 tbsp zero calorie sweetener or maple syrup
Cinnamon Roll Iced Cold Brew (50 cal)
If you love coffee but you’re not a big fan of drinking it black, this recipe goes out to you. You could also use this recipe for hot coffee but I personally prefer iced; just whatever you’re into. Also, if you skip breakfast or just want the extra protein instead of using almond milk, use those premier protein drinks and mix it into this recipe. (You won’t regret it) I usually make the espresso and coffee the night before and then chill it overnight but that’s just a preference. Mix all of these ingredients together in a cup, add a straw then enjoy!
2 shots of espresso
About 1-2 cups of your favorite brewed coffee
(Then add ice once poured together)
2 tbsp of sugar free Cinnamon roll coffee syrup
½ cup of almond milk or the 8 oz premier protein
Whether you’re planning to lose weight and bulk up or just want some good ol’ recipes to spice it up, these recipes will not let you down. Make sure to stay healthy during these times especially, always remember to drink enough water. Stay safe, wash your hands frequently and wear a mask.