Donations After the Storm


After snow storms Uri and Viola hit Texas, many Texans were left in need. If you are wanting to help some of the Texans that are in need, here are some places requesting your help.

The Carter Blood care buses where students go to donate blood. (Arianna Pardue)

As of Feb. 19, 13 million Texas residents still do not have clean running water, per CBS news. The North Texas Salvation Army is still looking for donations of fresh or gently used blankets, jackets, caps, gloves, scarves, or hand warmers to shelter families in hotels and provide inclement weather shelters. They’re still looking for financial contributions to help with food, electricity, and shelter for the families. Donate to The Salvation Army USS-TEX-Dallas TX General Donations (

North Texas is at an all time low on blood and plasma donations. 10,000 blood and plasma drives were cancelled because of the weather and snow storms. The American Red Cross is asking for healthy Texans to donate blood. Specifically those with an O-type blood. There is a spot on the Red Cross Blood website to set up an appointment at one of their clinics.Donate Blood, Platelets or Plasma. Give Life | Red Cross Blood

Azle High School will also be participating in a blood drive tomorrow. You can sign up by following the link. Carter BloodCare – Donor Portal (

The freezing cold temperatures has caused burst pipes all over Texas, flooding homes once temperatures rose. This left many Texans homeless or displaced. Through Airbnb Open Homes, you have the opportunity to donate out a space to those needing a place. Or donate money to help pay for those needing a place to stay. As of Feb. 24, Open Homes had helped 50,000 people through their donated services.

There are many elderly or disabled people who are not able to make it to the groceries stores. Meals on Wheels will bring food to them, however they need monetary donations. Donations can be made through their website. Donate to Meals on Wheels Texas – Meals on Wheels Texas

North Texas is in desperate need of help and these were just a few ways that can benefit the people in our local community. There are many opportunities to give back.