Senioritis at its Finest


Photo by: Tori Patton

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Senioritis: the feeling 12th graders endure the last few months before graduation. Though there is no medication for such ‘condition’, here are a few things to help you survive until May 27.

Get a coffee

School’s boring, I will admit, especially now because it seems we aren’t learning anything new. Grab yourself a coffee or a tea right before school to make going to class a little less painful. Also, you’ll get a little caffeine high and it may even spark up some random motivation to do all of the Econ Lowdown activities you procrastinated doing the past few weeks.

Take a day

Especially with Senioritis, it seems like we’re always taking “Mental Health day’s.” But instead of sitting in your room doing nothing all day scrolling on TikTok. Tidy up your room, clean your sheets or maybe do a quick workout. Doing this will start a domino effect of getting everything done that you’ve pushed off.

Cherish the moments you have

I know it’s cliche to mention but really, cherish these small moments of being a senior. It’s quite literally your SENIOR year, you’ve probably been dreaming about it since you were little. You would come up to the school for “fish camp” and be intimidated by the “big kids.” You’re a big kid now, ENJOY IT.

I’ve said this a lot but I’ll say it again for the people in the back, adore these moments of fewer responsibilities. Sit back, get your grades up, and put a smile on your face. Senior year is almost over, don’t waste it with procrastination.