Astrology: The Language of the Stars


Rick Malleck

The night sky

Astrology is a pseudo-science that sits outside of common terms such as religion and myth, it also cannot entirely be defined as a philosophy. It’s unique in the sense that it doesn’t entirely fit into the categories that other belief systems do, instead, it is defined as a symbolic language. The belief that there is a relationship between astronomical events and human nature is what makes up the core of astrology.

I myself was only partially aware of what astrology was until some time ago, when I decided to learn more about this symbolic language. Going into it, I knew about the many critiques of astrology, all of the skepticisms of the art. I had been told that it was made obviously and purposefully vague so that it applies to everybody, and that taking it seriously is just a waste of time.

It was only recently that I realized, all that I knew about astrology was from one side. Everything I knew was from the people that didn’t believe it. So I decided to check it out for myself.

Along with indulging in the content in my free time, I also interviewed some other students about their experiences with astrology.

After a week of research, I can at least partially agree that astrology is vague. While it was a little more specific than I was led to believe, I also found that only about fifty percent of the information was accurate to me. I think that statistic is enough to know that you shouldn’t base your decisions or lifestyle off astrology. A student, who will only be referred to in last name, shared their insights about astrology.

“Astrology is more of a guiding tool rather than something to base life off of,” Pryor said.
“While I know to watch my temper and how I talk to people during mercury retrograde, I also don’t avoid being friends with Geminis.”

However, I now can no longer agree with the previous notion that astrology is a waste of time.
First of all, as human beings, we all crave a sense of understanding. We want to understand our lives and our roles. Astrology can allow you to feel like you understand yourself a little bit more. Even if it is only a little, a little can go a long way when it comes to one’s mental health.

Second, it’s just fun. Even if you’re just looking at your daily horoscope ironically, or delving deeper into the practice, it can be an interesting experience.

“I would encourage everyone to look into it to be honest,” Pryor said. “Even if it’s not something everyone can study heavily it’s really interesting to look at your chart and learn what traits come from what, even if you don’t believe it.”

In conclusion, after a week of delving into astrology, I can’t say I believe in its accuracy. I’m one of those people that needs something to be practically a hundred percent accurate to take it seriously. However, I had a lot of fun looking into the practice, and will probably continue looking at my daily horoscope as a hobby. For me, it’s just another source of entertainment, and I think that’s where astrology does its best work.