Netflix Original Series Review: Ginny & Georgia

On February 24, Ginny & Georgia made its debut on Netflix as a coming of age series. Well it sure was something, if you ask me.

Usually series on Netflix are a little slow at the beginning but with this one, that was quite the opposite. To start off, the first episode opens with Ginny’s step dad dying in a car accident. Which also happens to be Georgia’s husband. This immediately had me hooked it wondering what was going on. In the first episode you meet a lot of characters, but it was just like a normal exposition. Ginny finds her love interest in this episode that is the “cliché” bad boy named ‘Marcus.’

In the next few episodes, Georgia (Ginny’s mom) finds a job as the mayor’s assistant. Which soon happens to be her lover. You can obviously feel the tension when they first meet but the show doesn’t give it to you right then and there. Ginny gets a ‘popular’ boyfriend named “Hunter” that isn’t the bad boy.

Throughout the season, you experience Georgia’s past. You can kind of get the feeling that she’s not who she says she is already in the first episode but it becomes obvious more and more. In the last few episodes you discover that a private investigator is looking for Georgia.

Soon at the end Ginny finds out that a private investigator is looking for her mother. The investigator interviews Ginny about any weird behaviors and this starts to click in her head. Ginny hops on a motorcycle and heads out of town at the end.

Ginny & Georgia never fails to have weird surprises throughout the season. Netflix is also going to renew the series early 2022. If you’re looking for a cliché high school series with a little bit of scandal then this is the show for you.