In Appreciation of Ms. Hutton


Danay Cortez

Ms. Hutton hangs out with her 3rd period students, (left to right) senior Ashton Morgan, senior Anthony Medovich, senior Johann Lopez, junior Jasmine Gaither and senior Erica Horning.

Kimberly Hutton’s room is used for multi-purpose consideration for dual credits students, APEX credit recovery program, and for students to finish their assignments quietly. Ms. Hutton has a liking toward switching positions to Forte Junior High, helping students with science and history to helping high schoolers pass their classes in the learning lab.

“This year has been more stressful than normal than last year, but at the end of the day I love what I do and feel like I’m making a difference with all my students,” Hutton said. “I love building relationships with my students and everyone who comes into the learning lab and watching them start a good progress of believing themselves and succeed.”

This year has been more stressful than her previous years working in the learning lab because students have been disengaged from working online and feeling discouraged but, she loves to make a difference with her students and won’t give up.

“Although it has been difficult not to interact with my students like I normally do, my upperclassmen are very helpful in the learning lab, especially my dual credits students,” Hutton said. “This year has been challenging as most of my dual credit students are virtual but I understand what’s best for COVID-19 and the virtual learning.”

This year has an option for virtual learning and teachers have a difficult time interacting with the students they usually would before COVID-19. Hutton is reliant on the upperclassmen because they’re helpful in the learning lab while Hutton is focused on virtual learning students.

“No matter how far behind I am with my assignments, Ms. Hutton always helps me out,” Jacob Odell said. “And as bad as my backpack is with disasters of papers and unnecessary things, she even helped me clean it out to keep things organized, she has always been there for me.”

Students expressed different ways Hutton was always there when someone had trouble with school, focused on their grades to passing the semesters, helped clean out their crammed backpacks, or just a shoulder to lean on when someone is having a bad day.

“I’ve known Ms. Hutton since 7th grade, the first time I met her there were two teachers designated for their own subject, one of the teachers would be a math tutor in one room and Hutton would be in the other room teaching history and science.” senior Joseiah Valenzuela said. “Fast forward to now, Ms. Hutton has been an amazing tutor working in her learning lab tutoring all kinds of subjects for her students.”

Many of Hutton’s students are very close to her and without hesitation consider her to be a second mom to rely on.

“Ms. Hutton has always been there for me when I’m having trouble in my classes, and makes sure everyone is on top of everything, especially our grades,” junior Jasmine Gaither said. “She’s caring to everyone that’s kind to her, an amazing person, and supports her dual credit students, and APEX students with everything, basically our second mom.”