Student opinions: How do students feel this May compared to last May

Needless to say, it has been a long and difficult year. Whether that’s because of a world-halting pandemic or just the day-to-day trials and tribulations, many of us have had similar difficult experiences this past year. My question is, are people happier than they were last May? I interviewed many different students and teachers to try and find out. All interviews are anonymous to respect the individual’s privacy.

“I feel like I am,” an anonymous senior said. “This year has been a lot, but it’s been better than it was last May.”

Interviewing people for this story was interesting, almost everybody had different answers, some were similar but overall, it seemed like a fairly mixed bag.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t say that I am, last May was stressful but so much has come up this year, it’s tough to say,” an anonymous teacher said.

There are plenty of reasons why this is a difficult question to answer, especially after a year such as this one, so many major events have happened and so much has changed.

“Yeah, I was really bummed after having my freshman year end early,” an anonymous sophomore said. “It was nice to actually have a full year in-person.”

Out of the 33 people that I interviewed, 19 said yes, and 14 said no. These answers are very inconclusive but it was interesting to see how people have reacted to the events of the past year.

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