Valentine’s Day Ideas


Courtney Olmos

Heart stickers are seen displayed across a table.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and is the perfect time to show your love and affection for those around you. There are endless possibilities for things you can do for the ones you love, but here are a few gift and date ideas that are practically perfect.

Texas weather may be unpredictable, but a picnic could be one of the most basic and adorable dates to plan with your partner. Find a park or area with good scenery, buy all of your favorite foods, and bring a cute basket and blanket to top it all off. After assembling your perfect picnic, you are all set to spend wonderful, quality time with your partner.”

Even if you don’t have a date this year you could show some love to your mother/mother figure, other family members, or even friends. Get them their favorite flowers, a homemade basket with snacks and items they enjoy, or even just write them a handwritten card thanking them for everything they’ve done. Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romantic relationships, but platonic and family relationships as well

Going to the zoo could also be an adventure for you and your loved one. Visit all the animals, take a camera to capture your favorite moments, and enjoy walking around and spending time with your partner. Although the penguins might smell a little bad, the experience will be worth it in the end. If you get hungry, there is also a zoo-themed Mcdonald’s near the Dallas Zoo that you might want to visit.

Overall, Valentine’s Day is your chance to show your love for those in your life. Regardless of an emotional or physical gift, it is important to share the love on this holiday and spend it with your favorite individual.