High School Friendships: A Reflection


Melani Rushing

Sophomores Cheryl Grubbs, Torrie Johnson, Avery Jones and Kaylee Parrish hanging out at a JV football game last fall.

The world and environment are constantly evolving and changing. Your classmates all come from a different backgrounds, one may be an only child, while another lives with 7 siblings. A person may have moved from the city, while another lives on a farm. Despite this, people can be brought together in high school and create bonds of friendship. However, friendships can develop in a positive or negative way.

It’s not uncommon to go to high school with people you’ve known for years, and never have talked to them. Sometimes while walking down the hall, you could see your old childhood friend who you don’t talk to anymore. This could have been from a falling out or simply because you no longer have classes with that friend. High school offers so many opportunities in all sorts of different directions, which guarantees that friends will have different interests and classes.

High school is filled with a variety of cliques and groups of people, as time goes on, new friend groups can also cause distance and a person can change into a new group. Nobody 100% knows their future in high school, causing people to mature and unfold in contrasting ways. Another commonality in a high school friendship is when a friend changes into someone you don’t know. Either their values differ from yours or simply their characteristics have changed.

Despite the changes of high school, it can also be a factor in having long-lasting friendships. Sometimes, people who became friends in high school will go on to remain friends for the rest of their lives. Though the relationship will change over time, as friends may not see each other as often, there will always be a bond between those people. It is also usual to catch up with your high school friends in the future at high school reunions.

Friendships in high school grow, develop, or can be challenged. How you handle these scenarios is up to you, and how much you value a friendship. High school makes valuable memories that everyone should remember and cherish.