Unwrapping Spotify Wrapped

“I’m honestly not surprised Zach Bryan is my number one, but I thought it was going to be Radiohead.” - Reese Hughes
“I’m honestly not surprised Zach Bryan is my number one, but I thought it was going to be Radiohead.” – Reese Hughes

Spotify Wrapped is a genius marketing campaign that has started a trend on social media platforms such as Instagram and has contributed to the growing number of active users on Spotify.

Since 2016, every year on Jan. 1 Spotify will start to track and tally the number of minutes you spend streaming music, your most listened-to artists and the songs that you play on repeat. Occasionally Spotify will also include other fun things, like this year’s Genre Burger, which shows you which genres of music you listened to the most..

All of these things boost engagement of users and attempt to build a bridge between people through common musical interests. Little things like a video from your most-streamed musician thanking their listeners to a custom playlist that holds all your top songs are things that Spotify uses to boost engagement and increase the number of active users.

The reactions of people are crucial and endorsing like how the idea is there to share your Wrapped and maybe an Instagram story of your top artists and songs. Which yes, in theory, new things every year does add interest, advancement and publicity. The Wrapped closes in the waking months of September and November.

Having a moment once a year that people get ready for is a good marketing strategy that works well and adds towards growth, ad selling and subscription income. It’s small yet noticeable as the day it comes out people’s attention is all locked onto it.

In the same sense, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, concerts, and events follow this same idea. Events and concerts which are a one-time thing where you see the artist live, pull thousands if not millions of dollars. Ye and Drake’s Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert pulled 70,000 people. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour pulled 73,117 people in Pittsburgh’s Acrisure Stadium.

The reason for the hype is in marketing, a moment where a single thing will get mass amounts of publicity. Spotify Wrapped, sales and concerts are all examples that fall under this. It is genius to use the stats Spotify utilizes to gain investors and give it to people to purchase.

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