What’s Trending?


Alexa Guadiana, Sports Editor, Staff Writer

        Are you keeping up with the trends? Scrunchies, Mom Jeans, Hoops, and

Converse. The latest trends consist of items that you can customize and

really make an outfit yours.


        Scrunchies became popular in the 80’s, they make any hair style super cute! Really

spices things up! They look cute around your wrist or hair.

Mom jeans took style by a storm in the 80’s . If you’re looking for a retro look

mom jeans are for you! You can pair them with a flannel or a loose blouse, with

either you’ll be looking great! They are also comfortable and cute, to make them

a little more customized, you can add embroidery or paint some designs.

Hoops became a must have in the 90’s- 2000’s. They frame your face perfectly.

can them with any outfit.

        Converse are an absolute classic, you can’t go wrong with Converse. They wrap

up a look completely. They are practical and comfortable.

         Remember to wear what makes you happy, don’t be afraid to try something new!