The Kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh


Photo courtesy of Jacob Heath

Jacob Heath has been cast for Violet Sharp.

Zoe Barber, Staff Writer

This year’s one-act play is called “Violet Sharp.” The play is based on a true story about a kidnapping case back in 1932. The UIL district competition is set to be March 22, and theatre is trying their hardest to get everything done by then. There is also a public performance March 19.

The UIL One Act is the A-team of theatre. These students will be rehearsing 8 hours a week, as well as going to clinics to get feedback on their performance. The clinics prepare them for competitions in the hopes of making it to state this year.

“It’s a lot of work after school, many days of staying past 8 and a lot of dedication,” Sophomore Jacob Heath said.

They put their dedication into their performances. They even have to do their own research at home and make good grades.

“I’m excited about learning this era and case because it’s really interesting, and an intense story,” Sophomore Josh Holden said.

Although it is a lot of work and stress, they still have fun making new friends and memories.

“My favorite thing about being part of theatre is making the friendships you never thought you’d have,” Heath said. “I’ve made so many unexpected friends and I’m so grateful being in theatre has brought me those opportunities.”

The students in UIL one act are very talented and deserve to be in it. Only the best get in, and they are serious about getting their work done.

“My favorite thing about performing is getting to give a written character a face and bring them to life,” Junior Emily Ball said.

Make sure to give the theatre students love and support their play. They are very dedicated and ready to show the judges they deserve to win.