Predictions for Basketball Season


Lyla Lucia

Left: senior Kendall Locke, right: Faith Summers during the game against Aledo on Jan. 12.

So far this season the Lady Hornet basketball team has been very successful with a current record of 13-5. They are predicted to have a record-breaking season this year.

Our girl’s basketball team has persevered through injury and adversity this year with junior Landri Seward being out with a torn ACL.

“It’s been hard not playing with my girls, but I get to see stuff they can’t see from the bench and be their biggest cheerleader,” Seward said.

Last season, star player, senior Karlee Locke, was injured for 7 out of 10 district games. This heavily affected the team’s success and they ended up falling short to Granbury ending their season early.

“It was really hard on us not having one of our biggest scorers on the team,” Senior Brittany Cato said.

This year, Karlee has sprained her LCL and MCL as well as fracturing a knuckle during the game versus Saginaw presenting a major setback for the girls as they lose her once again.

“Having Karlee injured is a huge bummer but it gives me something bigger than myself to play for.” Kendall Locke said.

Although they might not have the best luck with injury, the girls sure know how to pick up the slack for their injured teammates.

“We’ve overcome a lot of adversity by putting our goals in front of our minds and working hard for each other,” Cato said.

The Lady Hornet basketball team has 7 games left of the season and according to Kendall Locke the future is bright. The Lady Hornets are currently 3-2 in district and are fighting to go to playoffs.

“The tough teams are out of the way and we are looking at being 2nd or 3rd in district,” Locke said.

The team is working more as a unit than ever, the girls are closer and more connected on and off the court.

“The connection for the team on and off the court is awesome this year,” Seward said.

The Lady Hornet basketball team is expected to have a phenomenal season as they are working through their adversity and finishing on top. I think they will succeed as they are putting mind over matter to overcome their setbacks this season.