Pancakes are ‘Waffle’

OPINION: Pancakes vs. Waffles


William Pollard

A nice, crispy waffle

Waffles are way better than pancakes every day of the week. They easily hold more syrup, butter, and any other ingredient than pancakes which would simply let it roll off.

Pancakes are always soft and chewy, but waffles? It’s up to you whether they’re crispy on the outer ring and chewy in the center, or if it’s the opposite way around. Just think about biting into a nice and crispy waffle and getting that CRUNCH!

Ever put butter on a pancake? Ever see it stay there? I highly doubt that because of the curvature of the pancake’s top layer. The top of a waffle’s layer? Flat with holes just make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere. Plus if you have multiple waffles, boom, more pockets to put whatever you want on or even in your waffle.

Waffles have a lot more of a use than just being a main breakfast meal. Some examples are: waffle fries, waffle cones for ice cream, and don’t forget chicken and waffles. I haven’t heard of a thing called chicken and pancakes, sounds worse than waffles though.

Not only do waffles pair amazingly with sweet options but it’s also a great companion with the savory group. Pancakes are only paired with sweets. These are the reasons why pancakes will never be on the level of the outstanding waffle.