Just in Time for Time Management

As a high school student, or just someone with a busy life, time management is a crucial skill to possess in order to juggle several activities at once.

In school, students often are loaded with school work, jobs, extracurricular activities and a social life, so time management is crucial.

“As a student, it’s important to have this skill in order to help you for your future and it helps to make time for the things you love,” junior Trynity Hoskins said. “With time management, I’m about to juggle dancing, college classes, a job and more. If you don’t use your time wisely, this can be hard.”

Not only does this skill make high school a bit easier, it’s a skill that can be carried out of the school scene and into everyday life.

“This [time management] helps me in non-school related subjects because effective time management teaches you self discipline,” junior Caden Christian said. “Which is a trait that can carry over to numerous different things.”

It can be difficult to effectively manage time, but that’s why it helps to have different sources of reminders through physical and mental checklists.

“What I do to efficiently manage my time is create a reminders list; whether this be through Google Docs or just a sticky note,” sophomore Nathan Nguyen said. “Doing this allows me to not only mentally remember what needs to be done by a certain time, but also physically acknowledge it as well.”

As a high school student who wants to strive academically, it’s crucial to maintain passing grades, and with some advice, that is possible.

“My advice to those who don’t have good time management would be; If you don’t have good time management, then how do you expect to get anything done or in on time?” junior Olivia Collins said. “If you don’t get assignments and projects in on time, then you’ll start failing all of your classes, which isn’t ideal.”

Distractions are another big issue that ties into the difference between good and bad time management, but it can be easy to put those distractions away.

“One thing that I have to do in order to stay on task is put away all unnecessary electronics,” junior Caden Christian said. “I do this so that whenever I’m working on a task, I’m sure I won’t get distracted.”