Vision of the Future: A WandaVision Review


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Three weeks ago WandaVision premiered on Disney Plus. As the first tv series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it tells us what to expect from these shows in the future. So far, the future’s looking good for fans of the cinematic universe.
When it comes to the characters, Wanda and Vision are exactly the same as in the films. It really makes the series feel like a long marvel movie with how similar the writing is.
WandaVision also has a unique way of differentiating the episodes. Each episode embodies the visuals of a different decade. The first episode looks like it was made in the 1950s with black and white color, and the third episode is the 1970s, being the first episode with color. We can only expect this interesting trend to continue until it reaches modern day graphics.
Overall WandaVision feels like a sitcom, at least at the start. With each episode having its own plot and misadventures.
Though it seems it won’t stay that way for long. The show is very heavy with their use of foreshadowing. It drops hints and promises around every corner of a more sinister main plot that is just waiting to be revealed
This also brings me to one of my criticisms of the show, its pacing. It moves quite slowly at the beginning, without any foreshadowing until the very end of the first episode. Even then it is one of the less enticing bits of foreshadowing in the first three episodes.
I can easily see how someone would quit watching the show after the first episode, thinking it is just a sitcom. It isn’t until halfway through the second episode when it becomes clear that something is wrong with the world around the characters.
WandaVision seems like a show that heavily hypes up the payoff, and you watch for that single moment. Right now, it does a great job of that, keeping you intrigued in the mystery.
So far the show doesn’t really have any action. But I predict that will change in the later episodes. I imagine with the current direction of leading into a big payoff, there won’t be much action until then. However once everything is fully revealed, I expect the series will end off with a satisfying action sequence.
This show is a great start for the current marvel lineup. It tells us that the shows will likely have just as good writing and production quality as the movies.
I highly recommend keeping an eye on the rest of WandaVision. If you are a fan of the MCU, you won’t be disappointed with this installment. If its current performance tells us anything, the future of the MCU is looking bright.