OPINION: My Wildest Predictions for 2022


Rya Walker

Shot with NOMO Toy F.

As hectic as the last two years have been, it’s not crazy to expect more bad out of this one. But, we have to remember to stay positive as well. It’s all about a balanced mindset. As a spiritual person myself, I trust in my gut very heavily and wanted to share some thoughts I have about possible happenings of this year.

For one, the ocean has been undisturbed for a while. I’d like to think we can maybe discover a new creature that can eat trash, or invent some technology to convert plastic into marine life medical tools. Possibly a sea monster or something atrociously terrifying could be discovered too, but either way, something is up with the ocean that we need to know about.

This could simply be from my true-crime-podcast listening obsession, but I also think it’s not a far-fetched idea that yet another serial killer could arise. COVID keeps people home, and with fewer people out and about, things being generally more difficult for everyone, and no contact with others, it wouldn’t be a shock for that to mix into a serial killer rampage. If any of my predictions are wrong, I’d really hope it was this one, because obviously, I don’t want that. It has also been a while since a new development in Forensic Science Technology has been created, so hopefully, we can find a new way to collect evidence or new evidence to collect.

For a tamer prediction, since that last one was pretty rough, I present these instead: Religion has always been a big part of the world, whether it’s in a simple way for hope to flourish or full-on occult sacrifices, most of what’s practiced today is quite old. With all of the advancements and changes in today’s world, a new religion coming about would be interesting, and also make sense. Plus, some may feel very out of place right now, so it could be good for something new to be a part of to occur.

Back to juicier topics though: Mars. I don’t think we’ll be making it there before our generation has skids or anything but, planning. NASA or some other group is going to start thoroughly investigating how to get to Mars. If we can live there, if anything does or has lived there. We’re going to advance in our knowledge of Mars. That’s what my gut says anyway. Up to you whether that’s me being a space nerd or an actual prediction.

And finally, for the grand ending to this list, murder. Celebrity murder. By the government. Boom. I may, again, just be way into podcasts, but it really isn’t too crazy an idea either. Celebrity meets higher-ups. Finds out something they aren’t supposed to. Government can’t allow that information to be released. Murder. Death ruled an overdose. I mean really, there are way too many celebrity death by overdose stories for there not to be at least something suspicious. Maybe even my forensic technology theory will be right, and that’s how this got realized in the first place.

Write you next time with whether or not any of these came true by the time I graduate in May.