FBLA Mishap Secures State Position

Cameron Mauerhan, Staff Writer


On March 25-27, Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA) will be competing on the state level in Galveston. The team had automatic registration for the event because the FBLA organizers never informed our FBLA team about the area event, which is the event that selects the qualifier for state. Since the error was on the organizers side, they amended it by allowing FBLA to attend the event without qualifying. Only three competitors have to be in Galveston to take their test, the rest of the organization is there for emotional support. 

The three competitors taking their test are, Kaylee Goodwin, Natalie Milstead, and Abbigail Walsh. Broadcast Journalism is the event that these three will be participating in. 

“Broadcast Journalism is an event where you live broadcast a story or event from previous selected topics,” Junior Natalie Milstead said. “This event is super interesting to compete in because you have time to prepare, but it is also a live broadcast so literally anything can happen.” 

Although the rest of the organization is not competing, they still have to take tests online for the events they are competing in, if the tests are not completed by members they will be ineligible to participate. 

“I think that even if our members are not taking the tests there in person, they still deserve to go because they have worked hard for it and deserve it,” FBLA sponsor Tracey Knoll said. “I just want all of these kids to have a good and fun experience going on this trip.” 

The students who are not taking their tests there are still very ready for the trip and the competition and are excited to cheer on their team members. 

“I wish I could actually compete at state instead of taking a test online,” senior Ethan Davis said. “But I am still very excited about going to this competition. It will be awesome to skip school and just hang out with some friends in Galveston and cheer on my team.”

Things are heading in the right direction for FBLA. This is their first time going to state in two years. 

“Start to expect big things from FBLA in the upcoming years,” FBLA President Savannah Boner said. “I think that FBLA is gonna kill it at this competition and surprise everyone.”