Heart of a Hornet

A day to feel like everyone else

Grace Harten and Madison Tamjidi

Many 6th-12th grade special ed students were led by several organizations on Friday, May 11, making Heart of a Hornet one to remember.

Amy Weston, special education teacher, has coordinated Heart of a Hornet for the past three years. She has worked really hard to make each of her students feel like everyone else.

Pals, Dazzlers, Cheerleaders, and many teachers gathered on the football field to put on a day filled with games, snow cones, and laughter.

“I am looking forward to helping the kids, having a good time, and being happy,” said junior Hannah Curry.

Heart of a Hornet helpers were very excited for this opportunity to spend the day with these students by just having pure fun.

“I am expecting a lot of sweat, and I’m very excited for the whole experience,” said freshman Dazzler, Lauren Wethington.

Despite the sweat and hot weather, it is not the snow cones that bring the helpers back, it is the substantial feeling.

“It’s my third year doing it, and this is the most exciting thing ever, and I really like being with the kids,” said senior Hayley Craig.

PALS were sent out to the field to assist each student and play with them in all the games and events.

“It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I’m gonna make a difference,” said senior PAL, Daniel Ruelas.

Everyone that participated in Heart of a Hornet had a great time and were really touched by the opportunity to help special ed kids.

Photo by Grace Harten