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Here We Go Again With Men

OPINION: What meninism is and how it is ruining society
Angel Brown
Men protesting about women being property on UT Austin’s Campus

Angel Brown, Azle grad and sophomore at UT Austin, was walking around campus wearing an ‘I <3 my girlfriend’ shirt when a group of men harassed her about her sexuality.

“They kept on saying to me ‘it is not okay to be gay’ and calling me homophobic slurs,” Angel said. “This campus is supposed to be a safe environment, yet students are getting belittled as they walk to class for two weeks straight.”

She emailed the dean of students as well as the head office. The dean responded that the protestors weren’t crossing any freedom of speech boundaries and stated how they are sorry that happened and if she needed to talk, their door was always open. The group eventually was removed for disrupting classes with their yelling.

As people get more comfortable protesting, some men have certainly forgotten what happened in history and how women can do anything. “Meninists” or “Men’s Rights Activists” are grown-aged men who are going to college campuses and protesting about the way women should act. They often have shirts and signs with homophobic, racist and derogatory language disrespecting any and all women.

As these men continued their protesting, word of the movement reached students at Azle as well. Lin McKinney, a senior, voiced her opinion about the group and its message.

“Women are not just objects,” McKinney said. “We are people, we have personalities, and we are educated. Who are they to walk around and say those horrible and untrue things?”

Students from other high schools have also heard of these protests. Jack Horton, a junior from Boswell High School, said he would stand up for women, and considered himself a feminist.

“It makes me sad to hear news like this,” Horton said. “I think we should be pushing for equality and treating everyone like equals as well as loving everyone no matter what.”

The men protesting at UT were seen holding up signs about owning and controlling women, an outdated concept that is absurd in the modern age.

“I don’t think men should have the right to do this but because they already have all of the rights they could ask for,” Angel said. “They rarely had to fight to earn their privileges, whereas women had to do the most to earn a home.”

Editorial Note: No man has the right to criticize women. Whether a woman is gay, transgender, has a different skin color or dresses against gender norms, all should be treated equally and like human beings. People have to put these “men” in their place, and it starts by standing up for what’s right.

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  • D

    DamienOct 5, 2023 at 3:48 am

    What the hell are y’all crying about now…. Y’all get treated and paid just as much as a man does, and if anything women gots it WAY EASIER than a man does